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Designing Schematic in EasyEDA and Eagle

In this part we will compare the schematic design process in EasyEDA and Eagle. EasyEDA is free web based solution for schematic design, PCB design and simulation which is launched recently compared to Eagle. On the other hand Eagle has been popular with hobbyist and makers for a long time. The first thing that comes to mind of a fresh new user who is just starting to learn schematic design is :- "Hmmm, so this a schematic design software! Looks nice! I can see the sheet where my drawing will be made (this is the biggest visible area in any EDA software so not so hard to guess!) but where are the components? 🙁 from where can I bring that transistor that I wanna put on this sheet :-(" Well, if you are using EasyEDA it would not take more than a minute to find the left side bar. This is where you will find all basic electronic symbols! You would probably click on any component and then click on the sheet area to place it! Bingo! you just took the first step without reading any manual or tutorial! And remember the first step is the hardest but you just did it so easily you might guess how easy is EasyEDA after all! Now let us compare the same process […]

Token Number Display Project

This article on Digital Wizard describes how to make a token number display system using AVR ATmega8 microcontroller. The article has everything including detailed schematics, program, and Proteus simulation files. This makes it very easy to fabricate even by a new user. Read more

How Vikas Srivastava of Roboshere cheated us!

We trusted this guy (Vikas Srivastava) and sent ordered products on post paid basis, it was agreed that payment would be done by net banking transfer the same day the delivery is made. We shipped the products through Blue dart express. The tracking number is 14909741700. The snapshot of tracking is given below. It was delivered on 22 Aug 2016 which was Monday. We asked this guy for payment, but he delayed by saying to wait till Thursday. We waited till Thursday. But they did not made the payment. It was a very simple development board for AVR ATmega8 whose function is to provide 5v regulated supply to the ATmega8 from a power adapter. This functioning can be easily tested in 2 minutes. Now they were trying to make a line follower robot out of it and it they were NOT able to do so! So is this a reason to delay payment? Is it like that you take the product for free and your experiment takes 6 months to complete you will not clear the payment of supplier? We even said if you are not satisfied by the product or think it has some fault please return it. But they also did not returned the products. SO WE REQUEST ALL OTHER ONLINE SELLERS TO BE BEWARE OF THIS PERSON […]

EasyEDA Releases Free Online Gerber Viewer for Beginners and Experts

EasyEDA Releases Free Online Gerber Viewer for beginners and experts EasyEDA is a free, cloud-based EDA application for drawing circuits, running SPICE simulations, designing PCBs, and even placing orders for fabricating PCBs. All this can be done at one place with EasyEDA online tool. We have already covered EasyEDA in detail in this article, with an example, created a LED Strip Multi Effect Controller with Arduino Nano and EasyEDA here. Now they have released an Online Gerber Viewer to visualize the Gerber files generated by a PCB CAD tool. The tool supports the Gerber RS-274X format, which is an industry-standard image description format for PCBs. The tool receives the Gerber files in a compressed zipped folder and performs a 2-D rendering to generate high-quality images of top and bottom sides of the PCB. The Gerber viewer also runs a simple design check in the background and displays some useful information about your PCB design, such as its dimensions, minimum clearance, copper trace and silkscreen width, etc. At the same time, EasyEDA runs a simple Design For Manufacture (DFM) check, from which you can see the board size, hole and track sizes and clearances of the various PCB objects such as tracks and pads. EasyEDA Gerber Viewer could be used to detect your Gerber, actual size, while you place order. It […]

LED Strip Multi Effect Controller with Arduino Nano and EasyEDA

  Today I will show you how to make a LED Scroll Bar as shown in the image above. It will flash ten LED strips in different effects by using a control board.  Required Components LED strip, Arduino Nano, Dupont line and a control board. So, how to make a LED Scroll Bar? Step 1) Preparation Cut the LED strip into 10 pieces and each piece may have arbitrary number of LEDs. Then, weld the traverse at an interface of the LED strip. Here I prefer to use Dupont line to connect.                   Step 2) Design Make a control board. Using the control board to control the flash pattern of LED strips. Aided by Arduino Nano and equipped with a keypad, we can make the LED strip flash in different patterns. Step 2.1) Start with Designing Schematic To design my circuit, I chose a free online EDA tool called EasyEDA which is a one stop design shop for your electronics projects, it offers schematic capture, spice simulation, PCB design for free and also offers high quality but low price Customized PCB service. There are a large number of component libraries in its editor, so you can easily and quickly find your desired parts. You can access the following schematic diagram through this link Notes: The voltage of the LED strip is 12 […]

Making a LED Message Display using ATmega8 and P10

This LED moving message display is four feet in length and six inches in length. Horizontally their are 128 leds and vertically 16. It can show message in English language scrolling from right to left. The system is made using four P10 led display modules and ATmega8 as microcontroller. It has PS/2 keyboard interface that is used to enter message to the board. To enter text, keyboard is connected and Esc key is pressed, this brings the device into text entry mode. After this the whole message is typed using keyboard, at the end of message Enter key is pressed, this saves the message in internal EEPROM of the ATmega8. Now the keyboard can be removed. Read more …

Interfacing DHT11 Humidity Sensor with PIC MCU

This article on DigitalWizard describes how you can easily interface DHT11 humidity sensor module to a PIC microcontroller. A working C program is developed to command the sensor to start measurement and then send the data to microcontroller. The data sent from the sensor is in form of a special serial format that is decoded by the MCU to get the humidity and temperature information which is finally shown in LCD. Please click here to read more.

Circuit boards are the ultimate expression of love

Here’s something for the inner romantics and DIY circuit board assemblers in all of us. Yes, I’m talking to you, my friend; soldering iron in one hand, PCB board in the other, pining to tell your cherished special person how you feel about them, but clueless about how to express yourself. Sure, you could just tell them "I love you" — but words are nearly as cheap as fiberglass substrate and copper foil. Fine then, write them a card… but where’s the pizzaz in that?! One romance-loving user of EasyEDA, a totally free cloud-based PCB design software that lets people build and order customized PCB boards, has given us the Marry Me, a printed circuit board that, with 35 LEDs and a CR1220 battery, expresses your love like it’s never been expressed before. Interestingly, this circuit board can be edited online and ordered directly from EasyEDA via this link, So, you can easily make one romantic PCB in the way you like as a gift to someone who is special to you. Pretty sweet, ain’t it? Using circuit boards for things other than computer and electronic components isn’t new. Artists, designers, and hobbyists have been using circuit boards as mediums for years. Like Masahiko Shindo, who made this working radio with a circuit board designed in the shape of the London Underground […]

Circuit simulator and PCB design software – EasyEDA

EDA tools (Electronic Design Automation) tools are specially designed for electronic systems such as printed circuit boards and integrated circuits.we live in a golden age of free Electronic Design Automation tools. It wasn’t that long ago that an engineering workstation was an expensive piece of hardware running very expensive software that typically had annual fees. Now, you can go to your local electronics store and buy a PC that would shame that old workstation and download plenty of software to design schematics, simulate circuits, program devices, and lay out PCBs. Today, I wanted to briefly introduce a free Web-based EDA tools – EasyEDA. You can use EasyEDA to draw a schematic, populate a PCB, and download manufacturing files (that is, Gerber files). EasyEDA also offers SPICE simulation function. There’s a lot of advantages: EasyEDA is free, and is also based in the cloud, so you can directly create your designs online, there’s no need to install any software. It can be used by all hardware and operating system, whether you are using Linux, Mac or Windows; Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, or Safari. The software is always up to date. You can use it just about anywhere and have access to your files. EasyEDA is specially developed to provide electronic engineers, educators, students and hobbyists a cloud-based EDA tool which is […]