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Using IR remote with AVR MCUs

Hi Friends, Welcome to my AVR tutorial Series. In this article I will describe my Infrared Remote Control Library. Hope you will enjoy it. I was very much amazed my remote controls since long. The simple circuits described in magazine were just operated like a switch and can only switch on and off an application. That means only single channel. That was of not much use. What I wanted was access to each key on remote control. I wished I could decode the signals generated by common remotes controls found in our homes. This way I could make multi channel remote controls for any project. So I went on and after some web research, coding and debugging I finally succeeded ! Actually I completed that more than one and half year ago (in may 2007). And now I thought I should also make it available to others who are in need of it so that they can use it in their projects. So I went on to make it more "clean" and also to make it more "easily portable" so that it can be used with different devices operating at different frequency. And now the result is here, a very easy to use library that can add remote control feature in any of your AVR project ! Using a IR […]