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High Power Multiplexed Seven Segment LED Display Driver

One of the most common place where small MCUs are used is to drive big seven segment displays in public area. For example the bank token number, flight or train schedule, train coach number, production volume (in factories), current forex(in banks) or gold rates etc. Since these are public display they should be big (and bright) enough to be seen from a distance of few meters. And due to their bigger size(and high brightness) they require 12V supply for each segments. Current requirement is also high. All these call for a sophisticated circuit, since these type of circuit is very common we have developed a compact board with integrated high voltage driver circuit coupled with an AVR 8 bit CPU. High Voltage Seven Segment Display Driver Board Further information, datasheet and user manual will be available as soon as the product is offered for sale. More Images

GSM-GPRS Module SIM300

GSM-GPRS Module SIM300 with sim card holder, RS232 interface, power supply, buzzer and audio interface. Nice for learning the SIM300 module. You can connect this to PC using a USB to Serial Adaptor and use terminal programs such as Realterm to send receive data. Buy SIM300 Module from our store.

eXtreme Burner Goes Social !

eXtreme Burner AVR is Now on Facebook. You will notice the new Facebook button on the toolbar. Visit eXtreme Burner AVR’s Facebook page. We hope you will it. eXtreme Burner – AVR Goes Social ! Other features added in version 1.2 New Icon set. Fuse bit editor, lets you view the name and function of each bit in fuse bytes. Also you can toggle bits with double click. AVR Clock Configuration tool, lets you easily select from various clock types. Also lets you select the start-up times. Auto AVR Clock Configuration Utility   Fuse bit editor Download eXtreme Burner AVR v1.2 Now !

New 28 PIN AVR Development Board

We have launched a low cost 28 PIN AVR Development board for those you want to get started with AVRs on a budget. As this board provides a clean circuit for basic AVR connection you can learn to program hello world app (a LED blinky) in just few hours! If you are tired of wiring the basic AVR connection for every project, this board can save you a lot of time. You can order it from the online store and pay using Indian Debit Cards (or ATM Cards) or Netbanking. The board will be delivered to your door steps in 3-5 days any where in India. 28 PIN AVR Development Board.   28 PIN AVR Development Board. Buy 28 PIN AVR Development Board at Rs. 249 Only Features: Compatible with 28 pin chips like ATmega8,ATmega48,ATmega168, ATmega328 etc. Atmel AVR ATmega8 28 PIN microcontroller Included. 16 MHz crystal for maximum speed. All ports available on standard 0.1inch (2.54mm) male headers. LC Filter on AVcc for clean ADC performance. Decoupling capacitors on all power pins. Standard ISP Header (Can be programmed with our USB AVR Programmer v2.0). On/Off switch. 9-18V DC input. 5v regulated output for supplying extra peripherals.(3x). Reset Button. Power Indicator LED. Free Prototyping area for customization(78 holes at 0.1 inch distance) FR4 PCB with solder mask and silkscreen. All […]

Our New Shipping Boxes !

Our new echo friendly shipping box. We have improved the packing technology so as you use least amount of cello tapes and other non-biodegradable stuffs. These new shipping boxes ensure fast packing and safe delivery. They are even helpful for our user to store their stuff safely once delivered. Our new shipping boxes!   Our new shipping boxes!

Product Preview – AVR Graphical LCD Development Board

To bring graphic LCD to the reach of every embedded system engineer we have developed a complete hardware and software suite that can be used to develop rich graphical application easily and quickly. More information on graphical programming with GLCD and AVR ATmega series MCU is discussed in the following articles. Part I – Introduction to GLCD and Hardware Setup Part II – Downloading and Installing ProGFX! Part III – Explains Graphic Primitive Functions. Part IV – Font and Text Handling Functions. The aim is to create a common hardware and software platform to create and share graphical applications. The user can concentrate only on application level, leaving the low level details handled by ProGFX. The advantage is that the end application can be easily shared among the user of ProGFX boards. The applications are more usable because any ProGFX programmer can easily understand the application logic (due to clean uniform api) and modify the application to suit their need. eXtreme Electronics, India will work towards releasing many open source ProGFX applications for their users. AVR Graphical LCD Development Board   AVR Graphical LCD Development Board     Product Features Out of the Box performance (Just bring it out and power up!) Step by step tutorial to learn Graphic Programming. Can be programmed by ISP Programmer. On board ATmega32A PU […]

MicroSD Module

Hi, Last evening I hand soldered a SMD MicroSD Module PCB. The MicroSD Module enable easy connection of MicroSD cards to 5v Microcontrollers. It has on board 3.3v LDO Regulator, 5v to 3.3v i/o converter chip, Indicator LEDs (Power and Activity), SD Pullup resistors, Inductor for clean Hot-swap, Filter capacitor etc. The board is built on hight quality double layer FR4 board. You can check out the first photos here!

Happy Diwali !

We wish all our fans, followers, friends, customers, suppliers, manufactures, distributors and every one else a very very Happy Diwali. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated through out India. More info here at Also the shipping of orders will be suspended from 4 Nov (Thursday) as we are too busy with the celebration! Shipping will resume from Monday (8 Nov).