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EDA tools (Electronic Design Automation) tools are specially designed for electronic systems such as printed circuit boards and integrated circuits.we live in a golden age of free Electronic Design Automation tools. It wasn’t that long ago that an engineering workstation was an expensive piece of hardware running very expensive software that typically had annual fees. Now, you can go to your local electronics store and buy a PC that would shame that old workstation and download plenty of software to design schematics, simulate circuits, program devices, and lay out PCBs.
Today, I wanted to briefly introduce a free Web-based EDA tools – EasyEDA. You can use EasyEDA to draw a schematic, populate a PCB, and download manufacturing files (that is, Gerber files). EasyEDA also offers SPICE simulation function.
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There’s a lot of advantages: EasyEDA is free, and is also based in the cloud, so you can directly create your designs online, there’s no need to install any software. It can be used by all hardware and operating system, whether you are using Linux, Mac or Windows; Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, or Safari. The software is always up to date. You can use it just about anywhere and have access to your files. EasyEDA is specially developed to provide electronic engineers, educators, students and hobbyists a cloud-based EDA tool which is easy to use and easy to learn.

Features of EasyEDA:

  • Cool Schematic Capture Thanks to the available large component library on browser, you can draw your schematics quickly and easily, and seamless automatic upgrades.
  • Clever Circuit Simulator You are able to verify analog, digital and mixed signal circuits with its spice subcircuits and models!
  • Online PCB Design With multiple layers, thousands of pads, you could still operate quickly and layout smoothly.

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EasyEDA  has a rich library of thousands of electronic components (for both circuits and printed circuit boards, and for modeling), and tens of thousands of examples of schematics! Anyone can use this library and expand it. It also can import existing designs done in Altium, Eagle and KiCad and then edit them in EasyEDA .
In addition, another prominent feature of EasyEDA is that users can access to Open Source modules developed by thousands of electronic engineers.

Start designing circuits quickly by using EasyEDA

EasyEDA gives users exactly what the names says: an easier EDA experience. Just open EasyEDA in any browser and begin to create a new scheme or a new PCB circuit to test the online tool, Once you have done with the schematics, you can click on the PCB icon “Convert Project to PCB”, and arrange the component as needed. Then, you can generate and export the Gerber files and BoM, save or export your project (EasyEDA, PDF, svg, or image only). There’s also an option to order the PCB via EasyEDA, and this appears to be the only way they monetize the system, as everything else seems to be free of charge.
The following video briefly presents how does the EasyEDA tool works.
There is a tutorial explaining the main features of the tool and a Simulation ebook, introducing circuit simulation in EasyEDA using ngspice.
We recommend you to access the official website EasyEDA where you will find all the information about this great online tool and all is possible.

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    Thanks for such an informative article which is highly helpfull to me as i am looking for such information. But from my view i wanna add some more information about pcb design software.
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    These all are interesting & open source initiative to support designers, researchers,enthusiasts and artists to work creatively with interective electronics and develop microelectronic projects.

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