PCB Prototype and Manufacturing at EasyEDA

Try EasyEDA, a free circuit design software that also offers offers low cost, high quality PCB manufacturing.
They provide online instant quote, fast fabrication and competitive price, and here is the Online PCB Pricing Calculator . The cheapest option is for 10pcs of 50mmx50mm boards, which comes to 9.8USD. 10pcs of 100mmx100mm boards is 17.6USD. For larger boards, 5pcs is cheaper than 10pcs.

2 layer pcb manufacture   2 layer pcb manufacture
PCB: 2 layers 5cm x 5cm max   PCB: 2 layers 10cm x 10cm max
Quantity: 10 pcs.   Quantity: 10 pcs.
Price: $8.21   Price: $8.21
order button   order button
4 layer pcb fabrication   1 to 16 layer pcb fabrication
PCB: 4 layers 5cm x 5cm max   PCB: 1 to 16 layers
Quantity: 10 pcs.   Multiple choices in size, color, quantity
Price: $16.42   Price: $8.21
order button   order button

The simplest way to order your PCBs on EasyEDA:

  1. Upload your PCB design files on PCB Order Page
  2. Fill in your PCB information
  3. Add to Cart
  4. Get your PCBs.

pcb order process

PCB Products

Free PCB Layout Editor

Do schematic drawing, circuit simulation and PCB design online free

EasyEDA Gerber Viewer

We recommend you to check your boards before sending them for production. With this online Gerber Viewer, it is now so easy!

gerber viewer

We highly recommend EasyEDA for PCB Design and low cost PCB Prototype.

Try EasyEDA:A Free and Easy-to-Use PCB Design Tool for Every Engineer

Prototype PCB:Only $8.21 for 10 pcs,2-Layer 100x100mm PCBs,2-3 days delivery

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