eXtreme Burner – AVR 1.3 Beta Test

Hi All,

I was adding support for some chips with big flash memory (like ATmega2560 etc.) in my Programmer Software eXtreme Burner – AVR. But right now I do not have any ready setup with ATmega2560 so I ask anyone of you who have got a ATmega2560 (or ATmega128) setup to please carry out a simple test.

Just download the eXtreme Burner AVR 1.3 Beta. And try to flash the following hex files.

And update me the details via a comment on this page.

Serial Interface.

Now your USBasp can double as a USB to serial converter at NO extra cost! We now have a basic serial terminal integrated in the eXtreme Burner AVR ! The terminal can be launched from the Tool Menu. But you need a modified USBasp Firmware to use the terminal. It is available from here.

USBasp with Serial UART Rx Tx Support

eXtreme Burner AVR v1.3 Beta !

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eXtreme Burner PIC

65 thoughts on “eXtreme Burner – AVR 1.3 Beta Test

  • By Arup - Reply

    Since AVR programming is done by SPI protocol, is it possible to program a SPI EEPROM using the same programmer?

  • By Murali - Reply

    Hi sir, just now i tested eXtreme Burner AVR 1.3 Beta.
    It’s working fine for ATmega128 board.and also speed is double as copmpared to previous V1.1. Thanks for making
    great AVRISP programmer.

    • By Avinash - Reply


      Thanks! for testing … 🙂

      • By ismail -

        Sir I am working on at mega 2560;
        Is this Extreme burner can be use for
        programming it?

        because i have seen some where that there is the option of burring AT MEGA 2560 also.
        please help.

    • By Shawon - Reply

      That’s an okay for Mega2560 also…. I check it myself….

      • By Avinash -


        Thanks! But I already did so !

      • By ismail -

        Hello sir…
        can i use USBasp for serial communication… i seen somewhere you said that you have changed the some firmware setting… and a “USBasp.hex” file is given there…
        i have that hex file but i want to know how to use this…
        Thank you


      • By Shawon -

        I think there’s a bug in your software’s serial terminal part…. It doesn’t quit in case of any error…. It would be great if you can integrate an Arduino programming utility, support for other chips like ATMega328, etc and upgrade the fuse editor part…. Best wishes…

  • By ashish - Reply

    i too have tested ,host mcu was atmega 16,i checked my connection i was only reciving half of the text sent from mcu ,and after tat it was saying some uart error and usb asp 1.3b hung with usb asp programing led up

    • By Billikin - Reply

      USBasp Firmware with UART Support – this firmware is for what kind of UsbASP hosting MCU – atmega8, 88 or 48 or else??

      • By Avinash -



      • By Billikin -

        In that case it’s not working properly. In serial port window I’m getting Exception messagebox. It’s poping up again and again. (Win7 32bit).

  • By Anshuman - Reply

    I tried the Usart on Atmega16.
    Its working perfectly fine.
    But it would be better if we can send characters without pressing enter.
    And it is not working as a comport.

  • By madhu - Reply

    i am the learner of Avr Programmer
    i hope u can help me

  • By Jaka - Reply

    I’ve tried v.1.3 Beta with Atmega1280 and I have to say that software doesn’t work properly.
    I’ve read the ATmega1280 on Arduino mega 1280 Board.
    Start of Bootloader is at 1F000h but eXtreme Burner is reading it into buffer at 10000h.Yes I’ve also add following lines in chips.xml for ATmega 1280:

    Everything is same as for ATmega2560 but Flash size.
    Another thing is with loading the same Bootloader from hex file. As I said it sould load to 1F000h but the eXtreme Burner loaded file to 0F000h.
    Third thing what I’ve noticed is memory size definition for ATmega640 in chips.xml. It should be 65536.
    Other programmers (Bascom and ProgISP) are reading this ATmega 1280 properly also hex file as well.

    I’ve also checked Arduino board with ATmega328. It reads the ATmega328 properly and hex file too. For this I’ve added definitions for hi fuses in fuselayout .xml and put definitions for chip in chips.xml.




    Best regards,

    • By Avinash - Reply


      Send me the ATmega1280 hex file. Have to check what exactly is the problem.

  • By Jaka - Reply

    Again for ATmega328:

    adding following lines in fuselayout.xml:
    LAYOUT id=”5″ comment=”For ATmega328,328P”
    BIT position=”0″ name=”BOOTRST” details=”Select Reset Vector” default=”1″
    BIT position=”1″ name=”BOOTSZ0″ details=”Select Boot Size” default=”0″
    BIT position=”2″ name=”BOOTSZ1″ details=”Select Boot Size” default=”0″
    BIT position=”3″ name=”EESAVE” details=”EEPROM memory is preserved through the Chip Erase” default=”1″
    BIT position=”4″ name=”WDTON” details=”Watchdog Timer Always On” default=”1″
    BIT position=”5″ name=”SPIEN” details=”Enable Serial Program and Data Downloading” default=”0″
    BIT position=”6″ name=”DWEN” details=”debugWIRE Enable” default=”1″
    BIT position=”7″ name=”RSTDISBL” details=”External Reset Disable” default=”1″

    and adding following lines in chips.xml:


    • By Alan - Reply

      Hi, I followed your instructions above to add the ATmega328 to the fuselayout.xml and the chip.xml files. Now the program won’t load. It comes up with an error that it has to shut down. When I rename the original files back it works. I need the ATmega328 added so I can program one. Please help. If need be I can send you the files where I copied your information into. You could check it over and send it back to me. Or could you just sent me a copy of the 2 files that work.


      • By Adam Bodzas -

        Hi Alan
        Did jou solve your problem with burning Atmega328 ?, I have very similar problem

  • By Sumanta Kumar Show - Reply

    Actually I am facing a problem while burning program

    in ATMEGA32A. I am trying to burn the blinkled program

    in EXTREME BURNER -AVR. A message is coming that

    “Attiny 32A is not found, then continue it with users

    permission”. But in the configuration options of AVR

    STUDIO4, Atmega32 is selected. Can anyone please

    address this problem and suggest me. Waiting for all

    of your response. Thanks in advance.

    It will be better if you can email me –

    (sumanta.show@gmail.com / show.sumanta@rediffmail.com)

    • By Avinash - Reply


      Din’t u see the Chip Menu !

      Oh God! Please tell me do u have brains out of stock in your manufacturing unit !

      • By Imran -

        Sir please let me know that can burn hex file on ATmega644 on eXtreme Burner.

  • By Carlos - Reply


    Can you add support for the ATmega1284P-PU IC in your software? It will be much apreciated! your software is so easy to use but lacks some IC compatibility.

    Thanks for all!

    • By amiro - Reply

      i really hope they do add support for atmega1284p-pu..


  • By Filip - Reply

    Is it possible to see amount of flash occupied with downloaded .hex file?
    In this or previous version of burner.
    It would be very usefull to see how much space is free for larger programs.
    I think avr dude tells you percentage of full flash.

    thank you,

  • By Dhritinandan Kole - Reply

    I have successfully programmed ATMEGA2560 microcontroller with V1.3B (Clicking on ‘About’ shows V1.2). It is working fine.


    • By Abhishek Pandit - Reply

      Hi sir,

      This is Abhishek Pandit, one of your old student. Where are you now? Long time no information of yours. Please reply with your email id and mobile number. My number is +919748338128.

  • By Ciobanu Rivelino - Reply

    When you program WDTON on ATMEGA128,is not realy programmed. After Read Fuses is still unprogrammed.
    With other software is working.

    • By Ciobanu Rivelino - Reply

      Same with ATMEGA8

  • By Aravind EV - Reply

    Is the connections for serial communication using usbasp same as that for usb programming?
    Pls help

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  • By Calin - Reply

    How can one use the USBasp UART support?
    Data is sent as raw trough SPI?

  • By Pavlo - Reply

    eXtreme Burner – AVR 1.3 Beta fails to run on Windows 7 x64:

    AVRProg.exe – System Error
    The program can’t start because libusb0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

  • By Anurag Syal - Reply

    Hey I was working on with ATMega 128, works fine. Also some of my friends tried with 2560, it works good. I will be getting ATMega 640 in some time, will check it too. But there is problem with ATMega164 and 324.
    Most of us have got ATMega324P-20PU, I see no option except ATMega324PA in the menu. I selected that option anyways and clicked on “Write>Flash”. All the other settings where taken care of, but it always says at the end ‘memory mismatch’… I thought my MCU was not good so I checked with 3 other, but still the same.
    @ExtremeElectronics, please look into it. If this problem is addressed, then this software will be complete.

  • By brijesh - Reply

    Sir I am working on at mega32;
    Is this Extreme burner can be use for
    programming it?

  • By Priyarya - Reply

    I don’t understand about USBasp connection to microcontroller (use serial terminal )
    can anyone tell me about the wiring diagram…. please…..
    whether using rx / tx port?

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  • By MohamadReza - Reply

    the “EXtreme Burner – AVR 1.3 Beta” is one of the best AVR programmer.

    I’m waiting for The final version of this useful tool.

    thanks alot

  • By Qasim Rizvi - Reply

    eXtreme Burner AVR 1.3 Beta is not supported with 64-bit Windows 8.. it detect USB as unknown device and when i open software eXtreme Burner AVR 1.3 Beta it shows some error asking for file libusb0.. I Disable Driver Signature Enforcement and also try by manually copy paste the file libusb0 in system32 folder but the problem still there… Kindly tell me the way out

    • By Igor Sazonov - Reply

      Hello! Try to copy libusb0.sys to SysWOW64 directory.

  • By Attiny25/45/85 support - Reply

    Hy my name is Florin and i am working on a project based on attiny 25/45/85 and i am stuck in this software trying to erase my chip’s. They are not in the list. Please can you help me. Thank you very much. This is the best software i worked with.

    • By DarDar - Reply

      Technically Attinny84 and Attinny85 are the same except i/o pins.
      So you can add to chips.xml file following lines and you will have support of attinny85. Just take care on pinouts when programming. It works fine for me:


  • By MAX - Reply

    I’ve added mega644p to chips.xml but software display “ATmega644P not found”, Incorrect chip found continue?

    how do i work with mega644P chip


  • By Kon - Reply

    Hello everyone!
    I just tried to open the hex file “Sim300demo.hex” from the website to flash it in the mega 32 but when I click open i get an error corrupt hex file and then Cannot Open HEX File. In Func PICProgFrm::LoadHexFile.Also the same problem when I build a new hex or with every hex used.
    I am using extreme burner v 1.2 on Windows Xp SP# platform . It is the firs time happening after a long time using the same program (my pc is just formatted).
    What do you think is going wrong??

  • By chnr - Reply

    hell friends,
    am using atmega 16, how to lock the softwware to avoid copying

  • By Martin - Reply

    Software is really super.
    Only would come in handy to him update about new type chip.

    Will in early time any upgrade ?


  • By Billikin - Reply

    About new possible feature:
    – it’s realy annoying when programing, let’s say Atmega88PA witch choosen Atmega88 type. Popup window is showing with warning every time (detected mcu type is different). Is it possible to add option to tool configuration not to show this window??
    – same thing with programing window – add option to automatically close writing/reading window if no error occured.

    Nevertheless tool is extremely usable to me.

  • By Mike - Reply

    I am new at this and would like support in the new program for the ATmega328p ..I think Extreme is a wonderful prg. for people that either don’t want to compile code and just want to easily load hex onto project chips…

    thanks.. Mike

  • By Vukse - Reply

    Do I need to connect only TX and RX pins from USBisp and I don’t see 5v supply from programmer(do I need external ??).

  • By Pankaj - Reply

    Hello sir,
    I am using ubuntu12.04,
    Please suggest how to use serial communication.

  • By Barry - Reply

    I read in the list above, the atmega 328p is supported, but in the Chip list, ATmega 328P does not show. Can you advise if it is possible to upload boot-loader to this chip using your extreme burner.

    • By Thomas - Reply

      Me either.

  • By Saman Hosseini - Reply

    Hey guys
    Excuse me, I have a problem with the Programmer and that’s I can’t program Atmega128!!!
    Can you guide or help me Please!!!
    for me very important!!!
    Thank you everyone!!!

  • By Dhanajoy Rabha - Reply

    Sir, can you please tell if there is extreme burner application designed for linux ???… I need it

  • By Karl - Reply

    Hi, I have made donations to this software but in the last months it’s not been updated or anything, Is this going to be updated at all, With new chips.. Any reply from — Avinash — thanks

  • By cristiano - Reply

    does anybody has the chips.xml for atmega128rfa1 please ?

  • By Darshan Deshpande - Reply

    i have an atmega 328p but there is no option in the chips menu..
    has anybody encountered this??

    • By Jean Denis - Reply

      Look at jaka’s answer.
      The code he gave is a bit messy, due to tag rewriting in the comments, but you can easily rewrite it with the appropriate syntax by looking already existing chips and layout xml syntax in the original files.

  • By Pedro - Reply

    Hi i need really your help, i used extreme burned software on my arduino mega2560, starting http://extremeelectronics.co.in/software/extreme-burner-avr-1-3-beta-test/ , but, after that, my Arduino mega2560 no longer accepts any password, not even a simple piscars LEDs can help me ?

  • By minde - Reply

    What this hex file for examples in this program description ?

  • By Karl - Reply

    Hello, can you tell me what is the newest version of extreme burner! Many Thanks.. Keep up the good work…

  • By Bill Dreschel - Reply

    Will the Atmega1280 soon be supported?
    A number of us with QidiTech 3D printers (which use the Atmega1280) need to change some fuse bit settings to be able to upgrade the firmware:

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • By DaveC - Reply

    Hi, just tried installing Extreme Burner AVR. installs OK but will not run as I get an error ‘libusb0.dll’ is missing.

    Can you help with advise how to fix this?

    PC is windows 8 64 bit with intel processor.

    Thanks very much,


    • By Avinash - Reply

      On Windows 8 and above you need to disable driver sign enforcement. Please Google for video steps for that.

  • By artem - Reply

    There was such question.
    The program for the installation of protective fuse, which would protect the controller reading, put a check mark or not? if put, what to enter for protection from reading? I’m a novice.

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