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eXtreme Burner – AVR 1.3 Beta Test

Hi All, I was adding support for some chips with big flash memory (like ATmega2560 etc.) in my Programmer Software eXtreme Burner – AVR. But right now I do not have any ready setup with ATmega2560 so I ask anyone of you who have got a ATmega2560 (or ATmega128) setup to please carry out a simple test. Just download the eXtreme Burner AVR 1.3 Beta. And try to flash the following hex files. Test Hex File for ATmega128 and ATmega2560. And update me the details via a comment on this page. Serial Interface. Now your USBasp can double as a USB to serial converter at NO extra cost! We now have a basic serial terminal integrated in the eXtreme Burner AVR ! The terminal can be launched from the Tool Menu. But you need a modified USBasp Firmware to use the terminal. It is available from here. USBasp Firmware with UART Support. eXtreme Burner AVR v1.3 Beta !