Mechanical Construction

AVR ATmega8 Based Line Follower.

Easy to make PID LFR Robot.

The kit comes with the following components.

Mounting The Motors

We provide two 150RPM (or 200 RPM) gear motor with the kit.

two dc gear motors
Fig. 1 - Geared DC Motors.

Remove the nut of the motor.

remove the motor's nut
Fig. 2

Insert the motor in the motor clamp.

insert the motor in clamp
Fig. 3

Fasten the nut.

fasten the motor's nut
Fig. 4

Similarly mount the second motor.

mount both the motors
Fig. 5


pass the motor wires through the holes
Fig. 6


Mounting the main board.

The main board has four holes to mount it on the chassis.

Fig. 7 - Mount Hole


Fig. 8 - Mounting Kit.


Fig. 9 - Insert Screw


Fig. 10 - Attach Standoff


Fig. 11 - All stand off connected.


mount the main board
Fig. 12 - Mount the main board.


main board screws
Fig. 13 - Secure the board using nut.

Unscrew the motor connection points in the main board.

unscrew the motor connection points
Fig. 14

Insert the motor's wires into the connecter holes as shown below. Please makes sure wires are inserted according to their colour. Which colour goes to which side is marked on the PCB. Also make sure left motor's wires are connected to the LEFT motor's connecter only ! Similarly right motor's wires are connected to RIGHT motor connecter. This is also marked on PCB

insert the motor wires
Fig. 15

After inserting all four wires the screws of the connecter should be made tight again. This will hold all wires on their place. Finally it should look like this.

both motors connected
Fig. 16


Mounting the Wheels

The KIT comes with 2 units of plastic wheels which have a diameter of 7cm.

plastic wheels
Fig. 17

First make the screw of the wheel loose and then slide them over motor's shaft.

slide the wheel in the motor shaft
Fig. 18

Finally fasten the screws.

fasten the wheel screws
Fig. 19


Mounting the Line Sensor Board and Caster Wheel.

align the line sensor board
Fig. 20


align the caster wheel
Fig. 21


fasten the screws
Fig. 22


Cell Holder

Our line following robot is powered by 6 units of AA Cell. The standard 1.5V AA Cells are placed on a cell holder to form a 9V Supply. The cell holder makes it easy to insert and remove the cells.

aa cell holder
Fig. 23 - Cell Holder

Their are two holes in the cell holder to fix it on to the chassis. Their are also two holes in the chassis where you can fix the cell holder using screws and nuts.

mounting holes for cell holder
Fig. 24 - Holes for mounting the cell holder


align the cell holder
Fig. 25 - Align the holes


secure the cell holder
Fig. 26 - Secure using screws


connect power line
Fig. 27 - Connect power supply


connect line sensor board
Fig. 28 - Connect sensor board with main board


put cells
Fig. 29 - Insert 6 cells


line following robot all ready
Fig. 30 - Finished !


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