Programming The Board.

AVR ATmega8 Bases Line Follower.

Easy to make PID LFR Robot.

The board can be programmed from any Atmel compatible ISP Programmer. ISP means in-circuit programmer, in this programming method you can update the program of the built in MCU without removing it from the robot. The AVR MCU resides inside the robot always you just need a 10 PIN FRC Cable to connect your robot with the programmer to update the firmware.

The steps below shows you how to program the board using our USB AVR Programmer.

Hardware Setup for Programming.

programming lfr board

Fig. 1 - Connecting Programmer with Board.


When you first connect the AVR Programmer with your PC using USB cable, Windows will ask for drivers. Click cancel in this step. Download and install the following AVR Programmer Software, it comes with built in driver installer.

Run the setup file for installation. Please note the following points.

extreme burner avr

Fig. 2 - eXtreme Burner - AVR Main Screen.

Steps to program a new hex file.

writing flash

Fig. 3 - Writing Flash.


Fig. 4 - Task Complete.


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