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Techniche festival kick-starts in IIT Guwahati

The sixteenth edition of the annual techno-management festival of IIT Guwahati–Techniche is back with a bang and a greater zeal and enthusiasm. Enthusiasts poured in from different areas of the country to witness this grandeur and a celebration of technology. Students came from over 180 different colleges all over India. The event started with an opening ceremony in the institute auditorium which was decorated by all the dignitaries of IIT Guwahati. Speaking of the importance of such activities in students’ life, the Director said  “Such events foster overall development of the students. Apart from their regular workload, it is great to spend some time to enrich their technical and competitive skills on a national platform. This would be a huge benefit for the students of North-east”. There are many challenging events lined up for the rest of four days and he urged all the college students to pour into IIT Guwahati campus to witness and be a part of this technical extravaganza. Following this was the rock-on concert by the VH1 group which bought in the much needed enthusiasm to keep up for the rest of the days. Liquid drumming was the other event where performers showed their expertise in the fields of drumming and rock bands. Sand painting was the best amongst the events where the audience were nothing […]

Techniche encourages innovation through Robotics

Come September and it’s time for us to witness a technical overdose in the form of TECHNICHE the annual techno management fest of IIT GUWAHATI. Started fifteen years ago in 1999,techniche was conceptualized with an aim to motivate the youth of our nation to think out of the box, expand their horizons and reach the zenith of success in all techno-management spheres. It has stayed true to its vision since; and from its humble beginnings. Techniche now revels in being one of the premier techno-management festivals of the nation. From 4th of September to 7th the fest takes you to the best of technical and cultural marvels as well as honing the new aspiring minds that are to become the future of the nation. With major attractions like Lecture series, Industrial conclave, Technothlon the international school championship, Predefined competitions , Robotics, Online events being introduced for the first time, this Techniche promises to be the best in 16 years. The most participated and attractive module of this event is Robotics, the breath and soul of modern day technology. With up to 3,50,000 INR at stake as prize money, the competition is all set to rock the minds of all tech enthusiasts over the nation and will give an opportunity to showcase their talents and absorb knowledge through one of the […]

Techniche-IIT Guwahati organises competitions

Stepping into the 16th edition of its annual techno management festival, IIT Guwahati is all ready to deliver its perennial technological overdose in the form of Techniche, to be conducted from 3rd to 7th September at IIT Guwahati campus. As always, this four days of fun, frolic and enlighten gives opportunity to students nationwide to display their skills and compete with some of the best competitive minds around. Filled with huge variety of events spanning the domain of technology, management and amusement, this festival is sure to leave every audience who attend IIT Guwahati spellbound. Started fifteen years ago in 1999, Techniche was conceptualised with an aim to motivate the youth of our nation to think out of the box, expand their horizons and reach the zenith of success in all techno-management spheres. It has stayed true to its vision since and never ceased to amaze. Techniche now revels in being one of the premier techno-management festivals of the nation. The competitions include Technothlon – the international school championship, Escalade-the annual robotics competition, Corporate module an innovative management face-off and others. The one module that catches the eye of every participant every year is the PreDefined Module. Coming from its huge success at last years’ Techniche, the PreDefined module this time around gives you the much needed fun element amongst […]

Introduction to Diodes

In this part of our practical electronics tutorial we will learn about diodes. Like resistors and capacitors they are also very common. They are simple component with two terminals. But unlike resistors they are polarized. That means two of its lead are not equivalent and cannot be swapped. Before moving any forward let us see how they look. Fig. Few Common Diodes Read more about diodes

Capacitors, an Introduction

Capacitors are two terminal electronic component used to store energy in form of electrostatic field. They are one of the most commonly used components. Among the many uses, some are :- Providing a bypass path for noise Smoothing voltage of power supply Blocking DC current (allowing only AC current to flow) Read more about capacitors.  

element14 MEMS Sensors Evaluation Kit Review

Recently I got the opportunity to work with an evaluation kit from element14. They bring development and evaluation kit for latest microcontroller, sensor and other electronic solutions introduced by several top notch companies. And user like me get the chance to get introduced with latest in technologies. And what is real worth telling is that these kits are really low cost ! For example Freescale recently introduced several MEMs sensors to measure parameters such as Altitude. Atmospheric pressure. Magnetic field (to find orientation, like a compass) Accelerometers. All these are recently launched and thus were ultra modern with very small size and consumed minimal amount power. The xtrinsic sensor board from free scale has all these sensors on one small PCB. Fig. xtrinsic sensor board Xtrinsic MPL3115A2 Pressure Sensor – For sensing atmospheric pressure and altitude data. Altitude data can me measured with an accuracy of 30cm. Output can be selected in meters or Pascal. It is available in a small 3 x 5 x 1.1 mm LGA package. Interface is standard digital I2C, thus can be used with any type of microcontrollers. You can download the datasheet of the MPL3115 from the link. More information about MPL3115. MMA8491, 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer – Tilt and acceleration sensor. Digital interface (I2C). Range of measurement 8g. Output data 14bits. Sensitivity of 1mg. […]

IIT Guwahati Model United Nations, Techniche

As the journey enters its 16th year, Techniche – the annual techno-management festival of IIT Guwahati is set to write new chapters as they introduce the Model United Nations Conference as one of the highlights of the fest organized in collaboration with UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan. The MUN Conference is a perfect imbiber of all that Techniche seeks to achieve – to ideate innovation, nurture leadership and kindle global insight and aims at promoting the MUN culture in North-East India. Model UN conferences are a simulation of UN conferences and committees. Students take on the roles of diplomats from different countries, representing their nation in discussions and debate on a particular agenda topic in the conference. These agendas reflect issues taken up by the UN for discussion. Delegates must research their allotted countries in great detail, understanding their own foreign policy and thus the considerations and compulsions that determine state behaviour on the international stage. They must also research their committee agenda, fully exploring the intricacies of the issue at hand, including the background, history, its treatment in the UN system, resolutions passed on it, major countries involved, causes, consequences, past action and more. Finally, delegates must research and propose innovative and feasible solutions to the problem, within the framework of the organ or agency they are […]

Introduction to Resistors

Resistors are one of the most basic electronic component. They opposes(or resists) the flow of electric current through them, that is why they are named resistors. This article introduce you to resistors describing how they look, how to measure their value, how to solder them and how to identify them in a schematic. Read more about resistors.  

Comparing Low Cost AVR Dev Boards

Over the years I have seen people just open up the mouth without thinking. This is more common in the young age group like those of students. Often this also miss leads others. Recently we posted and ad on Facebook for our low cost development board which was priced at Rs. 299. Some guy without thinking a minute, compared it with a even lower cost product from some other vendor. What my point is that those two products are NOT similar ! Their are HUGE differences ! So I thought I should make out those differences stand out. Power Supply Our Board Probots’ Board Has built in 12V to 5V regulator circuit built using 7805 IC. No regulator. Advantage   You can power up the board using an adapter of any voltage output between 9v to 18v Using higher voltage adapter has the advantage that power from it can be used to driver higher voltage devices like relays or motors. You can power up using a 5v adapter only! If you need 12v supply to power relays or motors you need a separate adapter or battery.   Power Switch Our Board Probots’ Board Has an on/off switch No on/off switch Advantage   Easy power control. Frustration on long run.   Prototyping Area Our Board Probots’ Board Has large prototyping area […]

Translators Wanted

Hi All, We are planning to make our Software eXtreme Burner – AVR available in your local languages! So we need translators. Those who are interested in translating the app may leave a comment here, so that we can contact you latter. How to translate? Download the message catalog file (English). It has a pair of string values named msgid and msgstr. The msgid has the original English text. You have to translate it in your local language and enter in the field msgstr. For example see the images below. Finally you can send the completed message catalog to my email id given in the catalog file itself. Download message catalog. Completed Translations Ukrainian Translation by Mr. Pavlo Kasperskyi German Translation by Håkon Spanish Translation by Breogan Slovak Translation by Alex OM3TY Czech Translation by Martin Ondrák Bengali Translation by Muhammad Hasan-uz-zaman (Hasan) Portuguese Translation by Mauro Souza Waiting for others to finish rest languages !

eXtreme Burner – AVR 1.3 Beta Test

Hi All, I was adding support for some chips with big flash memory (like ATmega2560 etc.) in my Programmer Software eXtreme Burner – AVR. But right now I do not have any ready setup with ATmega2560 so I ask anyone of you who have got a ATmega2560 (or ATmega128) setup to please carry out a simple test. Just download the eXtreme Burner AVR 1.3 Beta. And try to flash the following hex files. Test Hex File for ATmega128 and ATmega2560. And update me the details via a comment on this page. Serial Interface. Now your USBasp can double as a USB to serial converter at NO extra cost! We now have a basic serial terminal integrated in the eXtreme Burner AVR ! The terminal can be launched from the Tool Menu. But you need a modified USBasp Firmware to use the terminal. It is available from here. USBasp Firmware with UART Support. eXtreme Burner AVR v1.3 Beta !