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We are planning to make our Software eXtreme Burner – AVR available in your local languages! So we need translators. Those who are interested in translating the app may leave a comment here, so that we can contact you latter.

How to translate?

Download the message catalog file (English). It has a pair of string values named msgid and msgstr. The msgid has the original English text. You have to translate it in your local language and enter in the field msgstr. For example see the images below. Finally you can send the completed message catalog to my email id given in the catalog file itself.

Download message catalog.

Completed Translations

  • Ukrainian Translation by Mr. Pavlo Kasperskyi
  • German Translation by Håkon
  • Spanish Translation by Breogan
  • Slovak Translation by Alex OM3TY
  • Czech Translation by Martin Ondrák
  • Bengali Translation by Muhammad Hasan-uz-zaman (Hasan)
  • Portuguese Translation by Mauro Souza
  • Waiting for others to finish rest languages !


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