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Thermometer with PIC Microcontroller

In the last tutorial we learn about the multiplexing technique used with seven segment displays. We learnt how it saves i/o line by using persistence of vision. Only one digit is lit at a time, but to a human eye it is too fast to catch, so we see all four digit lit the same time. In this tutorial we will make a practical use of multiplexed seven segment displays. We will use them to show current room temperature using a LM35 temperature sensor. Before reading further make sure you know the following concepts Multiplexing Seven Segment Display with PIC Micro. Using ADC of PIC Micro. Interfacing LM35 temperature sensor with PIC Micro. Schematic for PIC Thermometer Please note that this schematic is slightly different from our previous schematic on multiplexed seven segment display. The display select i/o pins were RA0,RA1,RA2,RA3 on that schematic. But in this schematic the display lines are RA1,RA2,RA3,RA4 this is because RA0 is used as analog input channel for LM35’s output. PIC Thermometer using LM35   Multiplexed Seven Segment wiring We use our PIC Development Board for making the above demo project. The PIC Development Board has all the core circuitry to sustain the MCU while the project specific part is developed on the expansion board. Multiplexed Seven Segment Display Setup   Multiplexed Seven Segment […]

PIC Development Board – Expansion of Board

The PIC Development board from eXtreme Electronics has the feature of connecting add-on boards, like user interface board or a motor controller board. You can also make your own expansion board. Actually the board has the ability to connect a prototyping area where you can create your project specific circuit while the "basic" environment for PIC resides on the Development board. Fig.: Replaceable Prototyping Area   In this way many project can be created and kept for future use. Each project resides in its own board when you need that simply pair it with development board and the project is up and running! No messy wiring! Preparing a Veroboard for connection Take a general purpose PCB (veroboard) and solder a 40 PIN right angled burg strip connector in one end. Fig.: Replaceable Prototyping Area Now the it is ready to plug into the Development Board. Fig.: Replaceable Prototyping Area   After you connect your prototyping area to the Dev Board all PORTs of PIC MCU and Power Supply becomes available in the veroboard. Here you can connect all sort of components required by your project. It is very easy to remove the prototyping are and replace it with a fresh new one for another project. Thus a single development board can be used for many different projects. The 40 PIN […]

PIC Development Board – Hello World Project

Hello friends, welcome to this exciting tutorial were we will begin our journey with latest PIC18F micros from Microchip Technologies. This tutorial will give you information on what software/hardware you will require and basic steps on how to get, install, configure and use them. After going through this tutorial you will have a complete setup and knowledge to experiment with these powerful chips !           What you will learn ? MPLab as a powerful IDE. HI-TECH C for PIC18 MCUs as a powerful C Compiler. Creating a new HI-TECH C project in MPLab. Write a C Code to blink LED and compile it to get a HEX code. Configure the MCU for proper oscillator selection. Basic Use for PIC development board from eXtreme Electronics Burn the HEX code to MCU using eXtreme Burner PIC from eXtreme Electronics. Use the programmed MCU to actually blink the LED ! So lets get started !!! First get these stuffs Microchip’s MPLab IDE or Integrated development Environment. This is the central tool from where you can access most of other tools, like the C Compiler. This also lets you create and edit program files and projects. Download this from Microchips Web site and Install it in your computer. Download MPLAB IDE Free. HI-TECH C Pro for PIC18 MCUs – This […]

PIC Development Board – Programming

The PIC Development Board can be easily programmed INCircuit by using our eXtreme Burner – PIC, a PIC Programmer with USB Connectivity. The firmware of a Microcontroller is normally stored in HEX files. This HEX file is generated by an assembler or a Compiler. In this section we will show you how you can transfer a HEX file from your PC to the Microcontroller. NOTE: It is assumed that eXtreme Burner – PIC (hardware) is installed as described in its documentation. It is assumed that eXtreme Burner – PIC (software) is installed as described in its documentation. Connect the PIC development board with the programmer using a six pin female to female cable as shown below. Power on both development board and the burner. Fig. Six pin female to female cable for ICSP.   Fig. 6 PIN ICSP of Development Board.   Fig. 6 PIN ICSP of eXtreme Burner – PIC. Launch eXtreme Burner – PIC from Windows Desktop or Start Menu. Fig.: eXtreme Burner – PIC, Main Screen.   The software is easy to use. First you need to load the HEX file which you want to burn to the MCU. So select Open from File Menu or From the Toolbar. Then select the hex file. Now the HEX file will be loaded and the contents (FLASH,EEPROM,Chip Settings) will […]

PIC Development Board – Introduction

Thanks for selecting PIC development board from eXtreme Electronics. Now lets get familiar with this powerful and easy to use system. Introduction This board will help you build and test any project with PIC microcontroller quickly and easily. It can be used to work with any 40 PIN PIC micros. The board provides the basic environment for the PIC to run. The great advantage of the design is replaceable prototyping area. All ports and power supply is available on 40 PIN female connecter. You can easily attach a normal veroboard with help of 40 PIN male headers. Now all PORTs of MCU is available on the veroboard where you can design the rest of your project. In this way you can create many different project with same development board, you just need a blank veroboard. By using this technique the "rest" of your project and the development board are paired firmly, both electrically and physically, yet flexibly separable! Features Incircuit Serially Programmable with eXtreme Burner – PIC. PIC 18F4550 Included USB 2.0 Support Running @ 48 MHz (12MIPS) with 20 MHz crystal. (Using on chip PLL) Inbuilt 5V regulator with reverse voltage protection Power Switch (on/off) Power LED Reset Button RS232 Interface with DB9 male connector. 2 x Extra 5v Out All ports on linear 40 pin female connector. Replaceable […]

USB PIC Microcontroller Programmer.

Good News for PIC lovers ! Presenting eXtreme Burner PIC, USB Programmer for PIC18FXXXX/PIC18LFXXXX/PIC16FXXXA/PIC16LFXXXA series MCUs. This easy to use programmer with USB connectivity and GUI software can program more than 52 chips of PIC18F/PIC16F family. This programmer support both ZIF socket and ICSP based programming. eXtreme Burner – PIC   Software eXtreme Burner PIC – Main Screen.   eXtreme Burner PIC – Write Device Screen.   eXtreme Burner PIC – PIC Programming Success !   About Microchip PIC18F Series MCUs These are high performance MCUs of popular PIC range of MCUs from Microchip. Main features are high performance CPU core (up to 12 MIPS),hardware multiplier, C language optimized architecture, with Modern peripherals such as USB. See Microchip’s Official PIC18F web page. Getting Started with PIC Microcontrollers. See Also eXtreme Burner 51 – USB Programmer for 89S51/89S52 MCUs. For any queries write to sales@extremeelectronics.co.in or Call 09939369624 (Avinash). More Info | Buy Now

Making a Simple PIC Programmer.

In this tutorial we will make a simple serial port based programmer for PIC microcontrollers. I have tried several easy to make programmers and software, and here I a presenting the programmer that worked the best. The design is based on JDM. The software we will use is PICPgm by Christian Stadler. I liked the performance of the software, its fast and easy to use. The programmer will make uses the COM port of Computer for communication. Components required. S.No Item Value/Part No Qty 01 Transistor BC337-40 or BC337-25 2 02 Capacitor Electrolytic 100uF 16VDC 2 03 Zener Diode 5.1v 0.5Watt 1 04 Zener Diode 6.2v 0.5Watt 1 05 Diode 1N4148 4 06 Resistor 1.5K 1 07 Resistor 10K 1 08 LED RED Colour 1 09 DB9 Female Connector with Cover – 1 10 6 PIN Female Connector with Wire – 1 11 Veroboard, Wires etc – – Circuit Diagram Now assemble the circuit as shown below in a piece of veroboard. Fig. : Simple Serial Port Based PIC Programmer. So our PIC programmer will have two interface A Serial Interface for Connecting it with PC A 6 PIN ICSP Connecter – This will be connected to our PIC which will sit in our project (say in a Breadboard). Fig. : Simple Serial Port Based PIC Programmer.   The technique […]