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Using LCD Module with AVRs

When you start working with LCD modules you will start feeling the real power of MCU and your imaginations will be touching sky you will wonder how many exciting a powerful gadgets you can create and that’s so very easily. LCD Modules can present textual information to user. It’s like a cheap “monitor” that you can hook in all of your gadgets. They come in various types. The most popular one can display 2 lines of 16 characters. These can be easily interfaced to MCU’s, thanks to the API( Functions used to easily access the modules) we provide. LCD interfacing is just fun ! Fig: A 16×2 LCD Module Buy LCD Modules Online In India   PIN Configurations. The lcd modules has 16 PINs for interfacing. The details are given below. LCD Module Pin Configuration 1 VSS (GND Supply) 2 VCC (+5V) 3 VEE (Contrast Adjust) 4 RS 5 R/W 6 E 7 DB0 8 DB1 9 DB2 10 DB3 11 DB4 12 DB5 13 DB6 14 DB7 15 LED + 16 LED –   Connection with ATmega8/ATmega168 etc. The lcd module can be easily connected to the any 28 pin AVR MCU like ATmega8/ATmega168/ATmega328 etc. The diagram below shows the LCD connection with AVR MCUs port pins. Fig: Connection with 28 PIN AVR MCUs Connect the required pins of […]