Hello friends, welcome to my web portal. After my long play with the amazing little chips called microcontrollers, I decided to help all those who are also interested. I knew that the information on the net was very scattered and a beginner soon find himself/herself lost. So I came up with this !!! I decided to keep things simple,organized and in one place. I have tried to go in such a manner that a complete beginner to the subject may keep up. If you are having any types of problems or just want to help others please join our forum . Also check out our shop.If you find this site useful please drop a comment or e-mail me, I would be glad to hear from you. Avinash Gupta avinash@extremeelectronics.co.in


Avinash Gupta is solely focused on free and high quality tutorial to make learning embedded system fun !

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6 thoughts on “About

  • By ranjita - Reply

    keep up good work.god bless you dear !!!

  • By srinivas - Reply

    Dear sir,
    I am looking for one output 0-10min off and 0-60min off presetble cycle timer. please send me quotation. Thahank you

  • By Stucki Konrad - Reply

    Devices for your Burner.
    This program is great, but it lacks my device: ATtiny45
    Do you have a version covering this device?
    Can a new device be added by editing a certain file?

    Woud appreciate it!!!

  • By shivji kerai - Reply

    Hi Avinash

    I have used your Atmega burner programme and it’s fantastic. Keep up the good work for the electronic hobbyist.

    Shivji kerai

  • By Ravitabh Ranjan - Reply

    Need to talk to you directly, if possible plz share ur no on my mail I’d.

  • By vikas singh - Reply

    hi how i contect u my no whats9 is 9321037676

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