Microtouch – 2.4 by Adafruit and Rossum

I found this amazing stuff today morning. I haven’t tried it yet, but It looks like a perfect solution for using TFT and Touch Screen with AVRs. I mean perfect because its more than a hardware. It promises a nice Application Framework (kind of like MFC for AVR), Low level driver for TFT and Touch screen, A windows simulator for rapid application development.

TFTs and Touch screen are sold by many these days but rarely any of them are of any use (because of lack of Application framework and other tools)

Will surly give it a try when it comes in stock.

Microtouch Official Page
Microtouch - AVR + TFT
AVR + TFT Application framework!

At first when I saw the Video, I thought It was fake. Smooth sprite animation without using double buffering on 8 bit CPU, looks impossible? It cannot be double buffered as it needs at least 150KB of RAM but the MCU had just 2.5K! But I had to belive it as it was on Adafruit.

I don’t know hows its happening, I mean how they achive such frame rates. Once I tried to interface 320×240 QVGA TFT with AVR, it was taking seconds to update the entire screen but “Microtouch” seems to update the screen @ several frames per second!

Note: Images Copyright (C) www.adafruit.com

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2 thoughts on “Microtouch – 2.4 by Adafruit and Rossum

  • By maxmiaggi - Reply

    WOW!! Can’t believe it.. Atmel 8bit CPU, 12MHz, 32KB flash and 4KB RAM… i really wanna check it out and how it works.. perhaps even try one!

    Thanks Avinash, awesome thing you posted here! 🙂

  • By ajithparma - Reply

    Great projects tips and this blog consist some new projects which useful to me.

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