My New Camera Tripod !

Tripods are one of most important tools for photography. Got my self new light weight camera tripod from eBay. My new camera tripod

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3 thoughts on “My New Camera Tripod !

  • By sudarshan - Reply

    I have a smaller one around 30 cm when retracted fully.
    It came as free for my digicam
    Yours sure doesnt look that cheap
    What the price of it.
    I have seen nex-robotics selling one small stand for RS.3000

  • By Avinash - Reply

    One thing, nex is pricing every items very heavily!!! So I request all buyer to check out other sources before buying from nex. In worst case also importing the stuff can be more cheaper! See this discussion

    I got the tripod for Rs 570/- with Rs 140 for shipping, so the total was Rs 710/-

    You can get it from here

  • By Mayank - Reply

    @ Avinash : Wow its really a very nice deal, i just wanted to inquire about the maximum achievable height of this tripod.

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