High Power Multiplexed Seven Segment LED Display Driver

One of the most common place where small MCUs are used is to drive big seven segment displays in public area. For example the bank token number, flight or train schedule, train coach number, production volume (in factories), current forex(in banks) or gold rates etc. Since these are public display they should be big (and bright) enough to be seen from a distance of few meters. And due to their bigger size(and high brightness) they require 12V supply for each segments. Current requirement is also high. All these call for a sophisticated circuit, since these type of circuit is very common we have developed a compact board with integrated high voltage driver circuit coupled with an AVR 8 bit CPU.

High Power Seven Segment Display Driver

High Voltage Seven Segment Display Driver Board

Further information, datasheet and user manual will be available as soon as the product is offered for sale.

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15 thoughts on “High Power Multiplexed Seven Segment LED Display Driver

  • By Uttam Dutta - Reply

    Thank you for publishing one more inportant utility board. We are eager to see some useful tutorial with this board like displaying customer number waiting outside hall like this.

  • By Michael - Reply

    Oh perfect! I need this now! Hope it’s available soon.

  • By Amit - Reply

    when this product will be available?
    waiting for it…

    • By Avinash - Reply

      @Mr. Amit,

      It will be available in 7-10 days.

  • By mohamed - Reply

    i am waiting this tutorial ;

    and thank you very much you are my mentor and teacher in the embedded system field 🙂

  • By surya - Reply

    is this product available?
    its not being listed in the store 🙁

  • By Amit - Reply

    The product is not in stores yet?
    how long will it take?
    Can you share the Schematic of this?

  • By surya - Reply

    @amit : here its a ULN driver along with NPN drive transistors..why do ask for schematics..make on your own..its simple..

  • By Amit - Reply

    thank you very much for the valuable suggestion. I very well know making is much easier thank asking and would really have appreciated if avinash sir had said the same thing instead of you

    Regarding why I asked, For your knowledge, it makes use of PNP transistors for driving, NPN are only for switching the PNP transistors, i had already made my own (using 547+557) which worked fine, but was confused why avinash sir added power transistors thats why asked.

    Thank you for suggestion and reply

  • By Brijesh Mishra - Reply

    Hello Avinash,

    This is an awesome board and i am eagerly waiting to buy one. kindly let me know, when it will be available.


  • By Ryan - Reply


    I was looking all over for a similar board for my scoreboard project. When are the boards going to be available?


  • By Rozina - Reply

    I have used 547 in my project but did not get proper output.Can you please share the schematic of this board?

    Thank you

  • By Karanbir - Reply

    Dear Avinash
    Is this board available?


  • By Vino - Reply

    Hello there ,
    Is this still exists?

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