GSM-GPRS Module SIM300

GSM-GPRS Module SIM300 with sim card holder, RS232 interface, power supply, buzzer and audio interface. Nice for learning the SIM300 module. You can connect this to PC using a USB to Serial Adaptor and use terminal programs such as Realterm to send receive data.

GSM-GPRS Module SIM300

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24 thoughts on “GSM-GPRS Module SIM300

  • By vaibhav - Reply

    is it work like modem to connect pc to net?

  • By Avaneesh Tripathi - Reply

    does this modem has TCP/IP stack?
    i want to use it for connecting to GPRS and sending date using HTTP protocol……can i do this using AT commands …please guide…….thanks..

    • By Avinash - Reply


  • By Manu - Reply

    HI Avinash ,

    While interfacing gsm module with pc using realterm what all are the settings that we need to baudrate,data bits,stop bits ,Hardware control and all..i used a baud rate of 9600,stop bit 1,databits 8 and hw control none..But when i tried to sent the Commands to gsm using realterm the same command is getting bounced back to realterm screen…i tried sending command “at” ,but in screen i got “AT” itself instead of “OK”.Can u please guide me on this because of any damage to the gsm modem or with the settings?

    • By ARUN - Reply

      Hi AVINASH, I am also getting the same response, when i send AT through pc.. Did you find solution for this problem?

      If yes … then please help me…

    • By gibin - Reply

      hi manu,
      is that the modems echo can you try “ATE0” for disabling echo and “ATE1” for enable echo

  • By Manu - Reply

    Also can u provide a simple tutorial for interfacing gsm modem with sim300 for beginners..

    • By ilyas - Reply

      Just try Googling for AT commands .And you should check DATAsheet of Sim300. Simcomm Ltd.

  • By pawan - Reply

    i want to interface gsm modem sim300 to microcontroller with 16×2 lcd display…….can anyone help me?

    • By Avinash - Reply


      Why would anyone help you ?

      • By ramesh -

        pawan atleast do this at your own

  • By Piyush Sharma - Reply

    when the SIM is placed in its holder, does the “Network LED” automatically glows up, or some processing is required??
    In my kit, the Network LED is not glowing, and on placing the call on to the sim, it gives Switch Off..
    can you please guide me where am I going wrong, and what can be done….thanx!!

    • By Dinesh - Reply

      I am also getting the same result……..

  • By ilyas - Reply

    I tested my Sim 300 module connecting to PC.
    ALL OK.
    I checked up my kit’s connection.
    ALL OK.
    Now a small issue here.!
    Connecting BOTH.!
    kit has only RX & TX.
    I am giving power supply to both kits individually.
    Do i need to connect GND Pin of RS232 DB9 on GSM to some gnd on MC kit.
    Reply expected Soon.

  • By EGYSim - Reply

    Is this module programmable using Python ?

    • By Avinash - Reply


      This module communicates with host using RS232 protocol. The command set is given in datasheet. Now where come Python programming fits the scene? It was better if u have asked that where this module can make Ice-cream in the summer.

      • By Mahesh -


  • By ramesh - Reply

    avinash ur great..

  • By Amer - Reply

    The picture shows a RJ9 connector on the board.So does it have a complete analog circuit which can be used to make voice calls also?

  • By divya - Reply

    i need to interfce sim 300 with atmega 8 and at d same time interface atmega 8 with adxl 335 in arduino.. can someone please suggest the code for d same

    • By Avinash - Reply


      Ok so I couldn’t understand where comes the Arduino in the picture ? Did you mean to say that the ATmega8 is in the Arduino? Or did you mean to say you want to program the ATmega8 which is interfaced to GSM Module SIM300 and an Arduino which is in turn connected to ADXL355 Accelerometer. Please clarify!

      Also at what extent you have completed the programming? And actually what problem you are facing and at what part of the program?

  • By Jahanzeb - Reply

    My question is can i get the schematic of analog circuitry required at the microphone input?
    I am interfacing GSM modem with voice recording chip ISD1420.

    • By Avinash - Reply


      Sorry I don’t have that schematic.


    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your response.

    If you order 1000 pieces means then surely we will provide each kit for Rs.1000+tax.

    But we cant able to reduce for five kits.

    Waiting for your favourable reply.

    Thank you.

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