Comparing Low Cost AVR Dev Boards

Over the years I have seen people just open up the mouth without thinking. This is more common in the young age group like those of students. Often this also miss leads others. Recently we posted and ad on Facebook for our low cost development board which was priced at Rs. 299. Some guy without thinking a minute, compared it with a even lower cost product from some other vendor. What my point is that those two products are NOT similar ! Their are HUGE differences ! So I thought I should make out those differences stand out.

Power Supply

Our Board Probots’ Board
Has built in 12V to 5V regulator circuit built using 7805 IC. No regulator.
  • You can power up the board using an adapter of any voltage output between 9v to 18v
  • Using higher voltage adapter has the advantage that power from it can be used to driver higher voltage devices like relays or motors.
  • You can power up using a 5v adapter only!
  • If you need 12v supply to power relays or motors you need a separate adapter or battery.


Power Switch

Our Board Probots’ Board
Has an on/off switch No on/off switch
Easy power control. Frustration on long run.


Prototyping Area

Our Board Probots’ Board
Has large prototyping area No prototyping area

If you need to add more parts to complete your design. You can place those parts in the same board.

If you need to add more parts to complete your design you will need to add those in a separate PCB (increases cost).

This also decreases the reliability of whole system.


Serial Port

Our Board Probots’ Board
Has built in serial port built around MAX232 chip and has a DB9 female connecter. No Serial Port

Easy connection with PC to do serial communication experiment or to view data during debugging phase.

Again the same thing.


Other Differences

Our Board Probots’ Board
Has one user button No user button
Better quality bigger size button for easy operation. Small size cheap button for reset.
Standard ISP Connecter Non standard ISP Connecter
Polar ISP Connecter so that you cannot connect ISP cable in wrong direction, even by mistake ! Non polar ISP connecter, easy to connect the wrong way !
Reverse protection diode. So that even if you supplied power with wrong polarity it will not damage anything ! You are unlucky if you supplied power in wrong direction ! Your day is ruined !
  Aref pin is not connected to ground via 0.1uF capacitor as instructed in datasheet.
  AVcc filtering is NOT according to datasheet.


avr development board
Our Board


Probots’ Board

Other Advantages

  • Online payment by credit card, debit card, and netbanking.
  • Online live chat (quick communication!)
  • SMS on each order update.
  • Sameday shipment.
  • 15 days money back guarantee.
  • 1 Year warranty.
  • Defective product is picked up from your home !

Please feel free to give your feedback.

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6 thoughts on “Comparing Low Cost AVR Dev Boards

  • By Upendra - Reply

    What is the price please

    • By Avinash - Reply

      Rs. 299/-

      • By sushant -

        Any PIC family connected or not and i want to buy programmer also

  • By Brijesh Kumar - Reply

    mode of payment .
    i am in gandhinagar , gujarat.

    • By Avinash - Reply

      @Brijesh Kumar,

      All kind of “e” or “plastic” money. Like Netbanking, Credit or Debit Card, or Plain Old ATM card too !

      Also if you old “paper” money then you can pay by COD.

  • By Sergio canchumani - Reply

    Dear Avinash
    i´m from Lima Peru i like to get some stuff lime PCB´s and DEV kits
    i´m Already registered by i notedd there is not chance to chose Peru as a country.
    please could you let me know how to proceed with the order
    thanks in advance for the prompt replay


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