MicroSD Module

Last evening I hand soldered a SMD MicroSD Module PCB. The MicroSD Module enable easy connection of MicroSD cards to 5v Microcontrollers. It has on board 3.3v LDO Regulator, 5v to 3.3v i/o converter chip, Indicator LEDs (Power and Activity), SD Pullup resistors, Inductor for clean Hot-swap, Filter capacitor etc. The board is built on hight quality double layer FR4 board.

You can check out the first photos here!

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13 thoughts on “MicroSD Module

  • By Joy - Reply

    Great ..! it will be a great help to starters like me ..!
    Thank you

  • By Sayantan - Reply

    Thnx for that.But it will be a great help if u upload a tutorial for micro sd interfacing.

  • By CC Dharmani - Reply

    Hi Avinash, good that you made this available, at a low rate, as importing was costing much. Lots of users of my blog have been asking. I’ll put up a link to this product in my post.
    For those who are new to microSD interface, you can visit my blog-article for the tutorial and code libraries: http://www.dharmanitech.com/2009/01/sd-card-interfacing-with-atmega8-fat32.html

  • By Gonio - Reply

    It is more helpful if
    You upload a tutorial for micro sd interfacing to AVR uC.

  • By CC Dharmani - Reply

    I just looked up the shop, it’s not listed there yet. When is it expected to be on sale?

    • By Avinash - Reply

      @ Mr. Dharmani,

      They are not still mass produced. The one shown above was hand soldered by me.

      Don’t worry. I an Gifting you one of the module with your today’s Order!

  • By CC Dharmani - Reply

    Hey, thanks a lot!!

  • By Sayantan - Reply

    hey av,what about the sd card interfacing tutorial.you have told you were building it,when it will come.expecting a lot from you.thnx.

  • By petar - Reply

    What is pin 6 or CD on module ?

    • By Avinash - Reply

      CD = Card Detect!

      • By alemt -

        witch pin in the microsd is cd

  • By Avi - Reply

    Hey Avinash,
    Your work is worth admiring!
    Can you please include a tutorial for interfacing micro sd card with atmega32? It will be of great help if you do so.
    Hoping for a positive reply.

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