P10 LED Display Panel Interface with AVR ATmega8

P10 LED Display panel are now the easiest method to design all kind of smart LED signage and display system. This article will teach you the basic of P10 LED display panel and how to interface with AVR ATmega8.

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16 thoughts on “P10 LED Display Panel Interface with AVR ATmega8

  • By Saeed ahmed - Reply

    Avinash your tutorial are very sample and easily understandable . you really doing a great job.

    • By Avinash - Reply


      Thank you

  • By joko susanto - Reply

    hi mr.avinash i have a question,,,i want add p10 LED once more,,how about the conection and change this program?

  • By NITHYA - Reply

    Is it possible to detect the voltage bands and glow the Corresponding led’s without using microcontroller.
    for eg: 0-2v led1 ON
    2-4v led2 ON and remaining LED’s OFF
    4-5v led3 ON and remaining OFF

  • By Prashant Gupta - Reply

    Good Job !

    Will go through the code and get back to you on it.

  • By arif - Reply

    Sir… how to make the running text moving smoothly without jumping after 7th character.. what part of code should i change.. thanks

  • By arif - Reply

    I try hard to figure out your codes in many days… you know hehehe.. that give me more headaches. I have changed the running text code by my self but the result not smoother like yours…

  • By arif - Reply

    This is my prototype.. i applied the code for ATmega32 .. n i added the real time clock function ds1307 too but i got stuck in i2c_start_wait (); function… need some clues if you dont mind sir… 🙂

  • By amanrawka - Reply

    Sir can you tell me how can we perform vertical scrolling on p10 led module

  • By jayavelu - Reply

    the tutorial for p10 is good….thanks for the tutorial….

  • By SANKAR K - Reply

    I want to buy 8×8 pixel led software


    I want 8 x 8 led software.

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