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xBoard MINI v2.1

Easy to Use learning and development tool for Atmel AVR family of MCUs.

The Basics

  1. What is a Microcontroller?
  2. Development process.
  3. Atmel Studio 6
    1. Introduction to Atmel Studio 6
    2. The Start Page
    3. Creating new project
    4. The parts of main window.
    5. The solution explorer
    6. Solution explorer tasks
      1. Creating a folder
      2. Creating a sub folder
      3. Adding existing files to project
      4. Editing a file present in project
    7. Defining a preprocessor symbol
    8. Building the project
    9. Locating the final hex file

xBoard MINI Basics.

  1. Know your xBoard MINI !
  2. Schematic of the board (Circuit Diagrams)
  3. Programming the board.
  4. Creating a "Hello World" project - Blinking a LED
  5. Writing your name on the LCD
  6. Receiving Input.

xBoard MINI - Advanced Topics


xBoard MINI full kit